Mystery Mosaics 2
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Mystery Mosaics 2

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Unravel the mystery, restore the city!

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Once scattered throughout the land, the Mosaics of the Ancients have been gathered and brought together at the cradle of their once-glorious civilization. As the only one with the knowledge to decipher their riddles, it now comes to you to free their magic and use it to restore the City of the Ancients and bring a new Golden Age to the kingdom.Mystery Mosaics II is a nonogram (aka Picross, Pic-a-Pix or Paint-by-Numbers) with a colorful twist: this time around, each mosaic is made up of three different colors, each of which must be solved separately for three times the fun. The more precise and efficient you are in solving the games 100 levels, the more points youll earn and the faster youll be able to rebuild the structures of the ancient city.
Full Version Features:
  • Addictive visual logic gameplay
  • New three-color Picross puzzles!
  • 100 puzzle levels
  • Over 30 buildings to build
  • Mystery Mosaics
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 / CPU: 1.0 GHz / RAM: 1024 / DirectX: 6.0 / Hard Drive: 110 /